Wiruungga supporters

Wiruungga supporters 2017-06-04T22:28:29+10:00

Many prominent Australians are supporters of the work of the Wiruungga Organisation

David Gulpilil
David GulpililAccomplished Aboriginal Actor
“I am proud to support the work Wiruungga Organisation is doing throughout Australia.”
Marelle Burnum
Marelle BurnumBurnum Burnum’s wife
“I support the Wiruungga Organisation with a sense of pride; It is truly wonderful to see the great work that is being done throughout our land”.
Terri Waller
Terri WallerSevGen Indigenous Corporation
SevGen, together with other local Indigenous peoples, are pioneering a different approach to learning, and are united supporters with the Wiruungga Organisation.
Melinda Serico
Melinda SericoFrom the Gubbi Gubbi Tribe
Melinda Serico from the Gubbi Gubbi tribe is pleased to be supporting the Wiruungga Organisation.
Beryl Carmichael
Beryl CarmichaelOld Menindee Mission
Beryl Carmichael: Old Menindee Mission, Menindee NSW, united supporter with the Wiruungga Organisation.
Morag Gamble
Morag GambleETHOS Foundation
The ETHOS Foundation is cultivating effective new thinking, values and action for positive, ecologically sustainable futures, united supporter with the Wiruungga Organisation.