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The Wiruungga Organisation is a Not For Profit benevolent organisation with deductible gift recipient (DGR) status


giving-growthThe gift of giving is a wonderful gift indeed. Your assistance to our cause can make a significant difference. Every dollar donated goes directly to the Wiruungga Organisation and the fabulous life changing programs the Wiruungga organisation are undertaking throughout Australia.

Be part of this truly beneficial endeavour and donate here today   

    • Through the Wiruungga Organisation we are working with long-term goals of improving the land and the lives of Australian people now and for future generations.
    • Wiruungga and team regularly travel throughout Australia to remote isolated communities offering support and much needed supplies to venerable indigenous and non-indigenous families in need of food and clothing.   

      aboriginal Australian food security

    • We support and promote education in the areas of health and social well being, with a strong stance on a drug and alcohol free lifestyle.
    • We care for the land and native animals on our 114 acre wildlife reserve, where we have a Koala reserve and bush tucker forest.
    • We gather and archive traditional indigenous information, be it hunting gathering skills, building, dreamtime, dance, the arts or much more. From not only Australian cultures but cultures throughout the world. This is fabulous learning resource.
      possum giving for wildlife
    • We inspire and support young and old to reach their full potential in a nurturing, drug and alcohol free environment. Our work assists those people who have been challenged by drugs and alcohol to find a better path to feeling good and to live a more fulfilling life in nature.



All donations go directly to the Wiruungga Organisation Inc.

The Wiruungga Organisation is a Benevolent organisation. We are a registered ‘Not For Profit’ charity with 100% Deductible Gift Recipient status (DGR) this means that you can claim any donation over $2 on your tax return within Australia.


Wiruungga bus leaving for central Australia


How you can be involved – There are many ways you can help   

    • Make a one off donation – Every dollar counts, you can make a difference by donating today, you will be improving the lives of disadvantaged Australians and caring for this beautiful land we call home. (Donate)   
    • Make a monthly donation – By making monthly donations you are making a real difference. Your ongoing support is gratefully accepted and put to good use.
    • You are also invited to:
    • Leave a gift in your will – By leaving a gift in your Will to The Wiruungga Organisation you will be leaving a lasting legacy, to improve the lives of Australians for generations to come. If you wish to leave a lasting legacy in your will please contact Katusha Smith (Contact and arrange an appointment).   
    • Gift of property or assets – Gifts of property and assets are greatly appreciated and can be a fabulous resource for the program’s the we run at the Wiruungga organisation. If you wish to enhance the great work that is being done now and into the future by donating property or assets please contact Katusha Smith (Contact) and arrange an appointment.
    • Donate Landcare equipment – please contact Alan Hudson (Contact)   
    • Get involved in one or some of our projects – email for details (Contact)


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Donate Now

There are several ways you can Support the work of the Wiruungga Organisation, please find information on this page or Contact us.

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*You will receive a Receipt in an email directly after payment has been made. All Donations are publicly anonymous.