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Wiruungga Organisation Inc.,
Not For Profit DGR Charity fund. ABN 44 971 703 487

What is the Wiruungga Organisation?

The Wiruungga Organisation has developed as an Organisation to help bridge the gap between Australian Cultures.

At the Wiruungga Organisation we are working with the focus of improving the land and the lives of Australian people, both Indigenous Australians and people of all nationalities interested in improving their life, for now and for future generations.

For over nine years Wiruungga has traveled throughout Australia and to remote isolated communities offering support and much needed supplies to venerable indigenous and non-indigenous families and communities who often live in great poverty. We feel this is very important for these communities as access to many things that we take for granted are impossible without assistance.

The Wiruungga organisation is proud to be able to give assistance to remote and isolated families and communities throughout Australia.

The Wiruungga organisation supports and promotes education in the areas of health and social well being, with a strong stance on a drug and alcohol free lifestyle. We inspire young and old to reach their full potential in a nurturing drug and alcohol free environment, providing assistance and education to people in need. The Wiruungga organisation  provides a safe environment away from distraction where people learn with guidance, self worth and with an understanding that every individual is valuable in society. We give them a sense of purpose. We also teach life without dependency (drug and alcohol free) at the same time educating in nutrition and health.

Other activities of Wiruungga organisation is in gathering and archiving traditional indigenous information, be it hunting gathering skills, indigenous languages, natural building, dreamtime stories, dance, the arts and much more.

At Wiruungga, we are working on archiving knowledge of various languages, cultures, dance, story telling, music and craft from indigenous Australian cultures and other cultures throughout the world. We believe it is important to keep indigenous culture and traditions alive well into the future. This provides a fabulous learning opportunity for all.





The Bunya Creek Sanctuary

Aboriginal Bunya Tree land

We are establishing a native wildlife and bush sanctuary and maintaining our existing Koala habitats. With assistance of many helping hands we are working on caring for native plants, weed control, soil improvement and Permaculture methods and we welcome willing workers. Our activities also include planting out and cultivating bush tucker foods as a resource. With organic gardens developing, we aim to provide a food self-sufficiency for those who come to the Sanctuary. For visitors and residents, we use the natural habitat as an educational tool, being rich in natural resources and away from distractions of busy life. This land provides us with a powerful education base.

We are establishing working models for the growing of bush tucker, native plants used for the production of traditional medicines and nutritional food produce.  We are also inviting selected Indigenous and knowledgeable people from communities around Australia to share knowledge of the plants, ceremony and processes involved. 



Koala at Bunya Creek Wildlife Sanctuary

Wiruungga Organisation Executive Team

Wiruungga Dunggiirr
Wiruungga DunggiirrAboriginal Elder ~ President Wiruungga Organisation
Wiruungga Dunggiirr, a 62yr old indigenous Australian, has dedicated his life to educating non-indigenous, as well as indigenous people, about his culture through the art of story-telling, dance, music and other arts and crafts.

Wiruungga is well known for his gentle and caring attitude and his efforts in helping many thousands of Aboriginal Australians. Through the growth of the Wiruungga Organisation, he has a strong Vision on Building Bridges among both Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians as well as to share the Wisdom of the Australian Aboriginal Culture with any who care to listen and learn. Based at the Bunya Creek Sanctuary, Wiruungga also travels throughout Australia and especially into remote areas of the Australian Outback, taking a message of sharing and caring and keeping the Indigenous knowledge and Culture alive.

More info on Wiruungga Dunggiirr – link here

Alan Hudson
Alan HudsonCEO and Organisation Treasurer
Alan Hudson is the CEO and Financial Officer for the Wiruungga Organisation, Inc. Alan was instrumental in the formation of the Organisation after meeting Wiruungga, becoming inspired by Wiruungga’s message of “Building Bridges” and wanted to bring this message to the world.

With a passion for helping people and encouraging both Indigenous Australian’s and non-Indigenous Australians to communicate, connect and share, they formed the Wiruungga Organisation in 2013. Alan Hudson is the Executive Officer with an extensive background in Health and Building Surveying, Marketing, Sales and Administration. Together with Sharon and family they live in Maleny, Queensland. Recent Australian Outback trips with Wiruungga and others has given Alan a deep appreciation for the Australian – Indigenous “Building Bridges” Cause.

Sharon Hudson
Sharon HudsonWiruungga Organisaiton Secretary
The secretary Sharon Hudson is 58yr old indigenous Australian. Sharon is in her final year of a Degree in Bachelor of Health Science majoring in Naturopathy. Sharon is looking forward to using her expertise in this field in assisting people with diet, wellbeing and natural remedies and exploring the use of traditional bush Medicines.

Katusha Smith
Katusha SmithFundraising Manager
Katusha has worn many professional hats over the years including working at executive levels in international organisations. Her professional life started at the corporate level as a director of an International Pty Ltd company selling products to the Australian government and other countries around the world. She has worked in fundraising, marketing, auditing, education and management.

Katusha is keen to see the Wiruungga Organisation’s work grow. She is passionate about life equally for all and looking after the planet we live on. Katusha’s role in the Wiruungga organisation is raising the capital that is needed to support the fabulous work that the Wiruungga organisation is doing.