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 Building Bridges





The Wiruungga Organisation aims:

  • To create an environment for the retention of traditions, including bush medicines, bush foods, arts and crafts, music and dance
  • To create working models for growing bush tucker, native plants, bush medicine and nutritional produce
  • To create a native wildlife sanctuary whilst maintaining existing koala habitats
  • To invite selected people from communities throughout Australia to come and acquire knowledge, enabling them to impart this knowledge back to their community
  • To archive as many different languages, cultures, dance, storytelling, music and craft from all over Australia
  • To inspire old and young people to reach their full potential in a nurturing drug and alcohol free environment
  • In the future to become a Eco tourist destination
Wiruungga Dunggiirr
Wiruungga DunggiirrPresident
Wiruungga Dunggiirr, a 61yr old indigenous Australian, has dedicated his life to educating non-indigenous, as well as indigenous people, about his culture through the art of story-telling, dance, music and other arts and crafts.


The Wiruungga Organisation Inc. is a registered non profit organisation based in Maleny/Conondale on Queensland`s beautiful Sunshine Coast Hinterland.

Through sharing ancient knowledge of culture and a living example of an environment that allows the Earth`s bounty of bush tucker and bush medicines to be preserved whilst at the same time protecting the abundant native flora and fauna for future generations.
Our dream is to build bridges and create positive change.








News & Updates


Possum Skin Cloak workshop

Possum Skin Cloak a traditional indigenous art form

The Wiruungga Organisation will be holding a (closed) workshop for elders. This cloak is already being designed in the traditional way, with a story that Wiruungga feels is important to pass on. The cloak will be on view at the State Library of Queensland over 2016-2017 then housed at the Wiruungga Organisation.

Wiruungga-possum-skin-1 Wiruungga admiring the story of a skin cloak, Kenilworth workshop 2015 […]

  • Wiruungga possum-cloak 2015

Gubbi Gubbi possum skin cloak making

 Contemporary possum skin cloak making     

On 25–27 September at the Kenilworth Hall and Showgrounds, Kenilworth the Wiruungga Organisation funded this fabulous workshop, held in conjunction with Carol McGregor and Glennys Briggs indigenous artists and the State Library of Queensland.

The workshop was a community workshop to revive possum skin traditions through contemporary artistic practice.  Using contemporary techniques inspired by traditional practices, participants will illustrate their stories on a possum skin. These pieces will be […]

  • Wiruungga on Sorry Day May27-2015 Maleny School

Maleny sorry day 2015

Maleny High year 12 students acted out a fabulous play for “Sorry Day”.Wiruungga Paris Maleny


Written by and acted out by the students. Great acting and a terrific script. Well done Maleny High.

Wiruungga is pictured here with singer/actor Paris Mae Hudson after the performance


…more news & updates coming soon.


Koalas at Bunya Creek Sanctuary